Email Marketing

Would you like to have a meaningful conversation with your very best clients and potential customers?

Get into their heads? Remind them about your products and services?
Make them aware of what’s coming up next that you would like them to try?

Would you like to do something similar with potential clients and customers?

It’s not realistic or possible to speak directly with each and every one of these important individuals. Email marketing lets you cutsomize messages to different categories of prospects and clients, so you can maintain and ongoing connection.


A well-contructed autoresponder series automates the delivery of information, so you can concentrate on the creative or emerging activities in your business.

You can plan an autoresponder series to do a number things:

  • Educate potential customers about your special offers & products
  • Teach customers how to best use or consume a product or service
  • Up-sell customers additional products or services or the next level of support
  • Provide information about how to receive help and advise what to buy next

Broadcast Emails

Maintaining a list of currernt and potential customers and clents is essential. When there are new developments in your field or business or you want to announce release of new product and service, a list enables you to broadcast this information in a timely way.

  • Offer special and discounts to loyal readers
  • Alert customers to key changes or updates in product or sevice offerings
  • Help your customers do their jobs better or improve their lives
  • Make valuable connections to complementary products & services


Sending a regularly scheduled publication to your lists is an effective way to keep your business “top of mind” with your best and potential customers. You may plan to send a slightly different piece to different categories of customers depending on what you want to accomplish.

Newsletters are the prefect vehicle for sharing:

  • Industry news that impacts your customers
  • Stories about successful use of your product or service
  • Education about how to make better use of what was purchased
  • Incentives for buying additional products and services