Web Copywriting

I work with nonprofit organizations and small business owners to clarify core messages and selling points. Then I develop effective web copy that positions you to be the solution your customers and clients need now.

What problem do you solve?
What pain do you remove?
What value do you add?

And, most important to me, why do you do what you do? That’s where the juice will be for connecting with your ideal customers. No hype. No confusion. Just the compelling story of how they just found the right answer to their problem.

I Will Create Website “Presence”

Your website is the first place potential customers and clients will visit to verify that you are what you say you are. Even if you are a “brick and mortar” business, everyone does their initial screening using the web these days. This may be the first and only way a potential customer engages with what you have to offer. So, let’s be sure your offers and value are clear and meet their needs. 

Starting from scratch or improving what you have in place, I’ll help you address critical web copy questions:
  • Does your copy speak to your core audience in language that makes sense to them?
  • Does your navigation offer a clear path for finding critical information
    for first-time and repeat visitors?
  • Does your copy anticipate and answer visitor concerns and expectations?
  • Does your copy convey the deep-rooted benefits of your products and services?
  • Does your copy differentiate you from your competitors?
  • Does your copy include a call to action on every page?

I can help you think through exactly what kind of experience you want your customers and clients to have when they visit your website. Then I’ll work with you to define what exactly what you want them to do next and we’ll put the structure and supports in pace to make that happen, too.